FederSwiss is the unique Switzerland National Federation recognized by INAS and SU-DS.

It was founded in Bellinzona by Marco Tomasini and Linda Casalini, actual president and vicepresident of the federation.

The actual board is composed by:

  • President: dott. Marco Tomasini
  • Vicepresident: Prof. Linda Casalini
  • National Secreatry: dott. Vincenzo Preziuso
  • Treasury and General Director: dott. Paolo Pace.

FederSwiss is the official disabled sport partner of IDI and IDI is the official diplomatic and legal partner of FederSwiss.

The Aim of FederSwiss is to create the national team to partecipate to INAS and SUDS activities, and, in the same time, to create a new integrated sport program for Switzerland. Another Aim is to create an important promotaional level for every sports giving the opportunity to everyone to practice sports.

Our vision: Athletes with an intellectual impairment, Autism and Down Syndrome across the world have the opportunity to achieve excellence in sport and high-level competition, to have the possiblity to play integrated sports and to have promotional levels sports to imporve their capabilities

Around two per cent of the global population have an intellectual impairment – one of the biggest groups in society.

We are inspired by a belief that an intellectual impairment, autism or Down’s syndrome should not be a barrier to enjoying sport and reaching your potential.

FederSwiss: Sports for all…