Elite Sports is organized in order to let the best Switzerlad Athletes able to partecipate to INAS or SU-DS comeptition.

Our vision: Athletes with an intellectual impairment or Down Syndrome across the world have the opportunity to achieve excellence in sport and high-level competition

Around two per cent of the global population have an intellectual impairment – one of the biggest groups in society.

We are inspired by a belief that an intellectual impairment, autism or Down’s syndrome should not be a barrier to enjoying sport and reaching your potential.

An intellectual disability is caused by the way the brain develops either before birth or in early childhood. It is a lifelong disability and usually has a significant impact on a person’s life. Sometimes it is caused by a genetic or inherited condition, by complications during pregnancy or childbirth, or by a childhood illness. Often though, the cause is not known.

An intellectual disability is not a mental illness, and should not be confused with conditions such as dyslexia or autism.

People with an intellectual disability find it harder than others to learn, understand and communicate. Many will find it hard to find a sports club, to enjoy organised sport or to find a coach who understand their support needs. Too often, sports organisations are simply not accessible, and do not encourage people with an intellectual disability to get involved.

We believe that, with the right support and coaching, athletes with an intellectual disability can achieve their potential. INAS and SU-DS challenges attitudes to people with an intellectual disability by providing an opportunity to perform and to be successful.

INAS competitions are reserved for people with Intellectual Impairment, and, till now, are concentraiting on the following sports:

SU-DS competitions are reserved for people with Down Syndrome, and, till now, are concentraiting on the following sports:

  • Skiing: SKIDS
  • Athletics: IAADS
  • Futsal: FIFDS
  • Basketball: IBA21
  • Judo: JUDOWN
  • Swimming: DSIWO
  • Gymnastic: DSIGO
  • Table Tennis: ITTADS