Down Syndrome

We are recognised by SU-DS Sport Union Down Syndrome.

It is a well-known fact that individuals with Down syndrome derive measurable physiologic and psychologic benefits from participation in physical activities on a recreational level.

SU-DS however promotes the opportunity as one in which they can also be competitive. We strive to provide a platform where persons with Down syndrome can compete in their sport on the international stage.

We envision growing to such an extent that every country in the world will be represented at our events.

Ultimately, SU-DS aims to approach the International Paralympic committee for it to recognise the disability of Down syndrome as a new class. This will ensure that these athletes, who also have physical limitations, no longer face the disadvantage of competing against athletes with an Intellectual disability.

Following a consultation process with the sports of Athletics, Swimming, Football and Gymnastics, it was agreed to support the formation of a new Union to co-ordinate the programme for the existing international sports organisations.

This decision was taken on Wednesday May 16th 2012 in Terceira, The Portuguese Azores and thus SU-DS was born.

It was decided that each sport would retain its autonomous structure as an International Sports Federation. In this way SU-DS would be developing along the lines recommended by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) for the governance of sport for disabled people.

In 2016 all the Organisations came together for the first World Trisome Games for all the sports registered with SU-DS follows the Olympic and Paralympic ideal – its championships recognises 1 World Champion.

SUDS Sports: