Cynological Sports

Our organisation follow the following activities:

  • Dog Agility
  • Summer Combined
  • Winter Combined

Our values:

  1. We are share aim and purposes of sports
  2. Every person has the right to go in for cynological sports out of dependence on racial, national and religious belonging and the breed of the dog
  3. We are of the belief that nobody has the right to limit the participation in sports cynological competitions by reason of breed of the dog, availability or absence of pedigree documents and also pedigree registration in any kennel-club
  4. The competitions with such limitation can not be considered as sport and are not concerned to the events of the international sporting cynological movement
  5. At the same time we recognize the expedience of holding the tests and other zootechnical steps for support and appointing of valuable working characteristics necessary for practical use of the dogs in every humanity’s service.
  6. Cynological sport is a part of world culture. We respect cultural traditions of every country and support development of national kinds of sport with dogs.
  7. We build our co-operation on the basis of rights and legal interests of every participant of national and international sporting cynological movement.
  8. The culmination of development of the national sporting movement is an inclusion of cynological kinds of sport into the program of the national Sports Games
  9. The present Declaration is open for signing by any sporting cynological organization. The organization which has signed this Declaration becomes the participant of the sporting cynological movement and has to observe the principles of the movement.